Women in IT

The huge growth of the IT market and the current inflation are making women increasingly aware of their value. They are not afraid to ask for the same or even a higher salary and usually get it.

“In the last year we have seen an increase in cases where women interested in a job ask for the same or more money compared to a man with the same experience. All the women we have placed in companies have gotten the job under the required conditions,” says Kateřina Csirková, IT external project coordinator at Integra EMEA. “These were mostly foreign companies, where equal conditions for men and women have long been no longer just on paper,” she adds.

Women most often apply for positions as systems analysts, software managers, quality managers, manual testers or agile coaches. According to Integra’s data, the pay requirements of successful female candidates were on average fourteen percent higher, although the range was from six to nearly twenty percent. “In one case, a woman even asked for double her pay,” says Kateřina Csirková.

“Women don’t exactly excel in development jobs, but in management roles,” says the coordinator. “These roles mainly require communication, expression, presentation and organisation skills, and these soft skills are typical for women,” she also explains the reasons.

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