Social engineering

It will test how your employees would react to a real attack.

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Social engineering service

The goal of a simulated phishing attack is to test your employees’ reaction to a situation where an attacker tries to extort sensitive data from your company – most often user passwords.

For the attacker, this type of attack is simple and usually successful. With the access credentials obtained, the attacker can gain access to the company’s internal network, e.g. via a VPN, or to internal applications and their data. Due to the popularity of Single-Sign-On solutions, this allows an attacker to access a wide range of applications and data.

Main test areas

Other areas tested: USB flash drives, physical intrusion

The most common findings

How does a simulated phishing attack work?

How to defend against phishing attacks?

After completing the password, the user may be presented with an educational page that contains information on what the user should and should not do.

It is advisable to educate the user on a regular basis. For this purpose, we recommend deploying Proofpoint to provide regular education for your users in the form of e-learning courses, combined with phishing attack simulations. Based on the simulated attacks, you can see where individual users are going wrong and create an individual learning plan for them.

In addition to regular user education, two-factor authentication can also partially prevent a real attack. If an attacker obtains a user’s password, they will need a second factor – such as code from an authentication application – to access the application/internal network.

However, if the attacker forces the user to execute malicious code on their PC – e.g. by opening an attachment, downloading and running the attacker’s program, then even this protection will not help.

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