Satisfied clients

References of customers to whom we supply the most suitable IT experts according to requirements.

„For our automated testing project, we were looking for capable independent developers to design and prepare solutions from A to Z, from system architecture preparation to end-user communication. After several interviews with various companies, the candidates from Integra were the ones that had gained our most interest, as they were the only ones that had fulfilled our requirements. Over the time it has been proven that our decision about the candidates was fitting, as the project is right on track and the communication with the boys is above expectations, they are the perfect fit to our team.”
Generally we were satisfied with the cooperation, and in some areas the team exceeded our expectations. Especially I appreciate the flexibility of the team, which went during the year smoothly from one project/product to another without reducing its effectiveness. Their flexibility has been proven even in our need to use them to extend our existing team, as well as a separate “micro” scrum team, which performed the assignment equally effectively (even more efficiently). The organization of the team as a whole was another pleasant surprise from my point of view. The team has a strong leader who (due to his technical knowledge) has a natural authority and is respected by other colleagues. Other developers share knowledge among themselves, work independently and proactively report their readiness for further work if the development is completed. The same proactivity was visible in bringing technical proposals and innovations, which helped us find the right way where to go technically/architecturally. Especially Krzysztof Marecki has been very active in our developer discussions and has shown us a lot of ideas and improvements that we have followed in the real-life development. If I could have the opportunity to use this team in the future, I would not hesitate to make the same decision. Especially in our unit, which prefers work in agile mode and development in the scrum teams, this group of developers is the dream of every agile manager since it‘s a fully self-organized scrum team.

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