Application penetration tests

Web applications are the most frequent source of sensitive data leaks.

Solution description

We perform penetration testing of APIs, web, mobile or desktop applications. We test according to the OWASP methodology, which includes more than 90 security areas and our best practices.

Applications are undoubtedly the foundation of business. When developing applications, the primary focus is on functionality, appearance and certainly price. Therefore, applications are recommended to be tested both before deployment to production and regularly during their use. Some security flaws stem from faulty application design.

Main test scenarios

The most common findings

Black box testing

White box testing

Mobile app testing (iOS & Android)

Mobile apps are a known weakness of information systems.

By penetration testing mobile apps, companies can gain insight into source code vulnerabilities, bottlenecks, and attack vectors on these apps.

We test both Android and iOS platforms.

Main test scenarios

The most common findings

Evaluation of penetration tests

Each penetration test is followed by a phase of documenting the entire test process, describing any vulnerabilities found and rating their severity according to the CVSS classification. 

This is the technical part of the report, which is intended for security managers, engineers and application developers, where for each vulnerability a recommendation is also given on how to prevent or solve the problem.

At the end of the report, you will find a management summary that explains in an understandable way to the company’s management the vulnerabilities and security gaps found, their severity and ways to fix any problems.

On request, we can send you a sample of the resulting report. 


We can send you a sample of our work – a test report.

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