Body leasing is an easy and efficient way to find specialists with expertise in different IT fields for your projects. This can be a convenient solution for the companies that cannot hire or do not require specialists for a long-term employment. We have years of experience in this field and we will find the right people or even assemble a whole team for you.

Our company philosophy

In our case, selecting a specialist does not mean simple comparison of CVs based on the required parameters. We ourselves are a software developing company, we employ a large number of specialists with different disciplines and we completely understand the situation from the client’s point of view.

Potential candidates are thoroughly screened and interviewed to be sure that the professionals we are offering you not only have the required skill set but will also fit easily to your existing team. We prefer quality over speed. When you choose us, you can be sure that you will get a ready-made person with excellent command of the required technology with no need of an additional training.

However, or job does not end with supplying you with a suitable candidate. We can be of help to you also during the process definition or we can provide consultations if required.

Body leasing benefits

  • Internal IT department costs minimisation
  • Significant administrative burden reduction
  • Simple daily rate-based contracts
  • Vast selection of experts with specialization in different IT fields
  • The latest technology know-how (including the very difficult technologies)
  • Possibility to delegate responsibility to an IT expert
  • Support available at the time when the company has a great deal of work to complete but it does not make sense to hire long-term employees
  • No need for the experts to work on-site, they are able to work remotely

Body leasing is charged as a service; i.e. it does not count as labour costs on your side, which results in partial reduction of administrative burden and saving costs of the so-called super-gross salary. And if you are liable to VAT, our invoices can be booked into accounts as eligible costs.

Team leasing

Based on your demand, we can also provide a complete team. We have experience with building teams for clients from different segments, including banking and telecommunications. ##Our company philosophy