One in three parents has faced problems with their child because of the internet

The internet, online games or social networking sites were the cause of problems that needed to be addressed, said 31% of parents in a survey organised by the Shorty initiative, a playful effort to prevent cyberbullying and internet addiction, for Integra EMEA, a company working in the field of cyber security among schools.

The survey shows that 73% of parents try to monitor their children’s online activity. “But one can expect it to be quite similar to companies. People are convinced there is enough monitoring, but in reality they are not paying enough attention to it. Among other things, this is because they don’t understand cybersecurity,” says David Picha, Integra’s business manager for cybersecurity.

While 77% of parents say they teach their children how to behave on the Internet, 56% of them admit that they themselves would need advice on how to behave on the networks.

In Integra’s experience, the number of hacking attacks against home computers has increased significantly over the last two years. “This is related to the coronavirus situation, which meant a drastic transition to the home office and thus necessitated more attention to securing remote access to corporate devices,” adds David Pícha.

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