Integra Group companies change corporate structure

The new year brought a change in the organizational structure of the Integra Group. The parent company of the limited liability companies Integra Czech Republic, Integra Moravia and Integra Slovakia is now the European company Integra EMEA.

“The main reason for this is easier expansion into foreign markets,” says Jiří Harcuba, Chairman of the Management Board of Integra EMEA. “In the global market, the Czech Republic in the company name is limiting. We have seen this when providing services in Europe, and even more so in markets outside Europe, such as the United Arab Emirates or sub-Saharan Africa. That’s why EMEA – our international activities are focused on Europe, the Middle East and Africa,” he explains.

“For clients and cooperating contractors, the new structure does not mean any change, everything will continue to work as before,” adds Jiří Harcuba, head of the management board.

The ownership structure remains virtually the same – the current owner of the individual companies, Jiří Harcuba, is also the sole owner of the parent company Integra EMEA SE and the proxies from the limited liability companies are members of the management board.

The group celebrated ten years on the market and has shown continuous growth, with turnover reaching CZK 300 million in 2021. Integra has no investors or other external capital or loans.

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