Enterprise security technologies

Selected security technologies help meet the highest levels of cyber protection for your infrastructure. We consult, analyze, design, implement and maintain support.

Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability management is a process that involves the identification, analysis, evaluation and elimination of vulnerabilities. Fortunately, we have an automated tool to help us handle this security process.


How does it work?

Vulnerability scanning of selected elements and applications takes place at regular weekly intervals. After finding a publicly known vulnerability, the system records the IP address, host name and application in its database. It then adds a description of the vulnerability to this information in the resulting dashboard and determines its priority according to severity. and how to remove it.

Who is the service suitable for?

For organizations with any size of IT infrastructure. Even modern secure networks and systems may contain vulnerabilities that were unknown at the time of implementation. It is the mistaken feeling of perfect security that ultimately causes considerable financial losses and usually damage to the good name of the organization. By scanning the IT infrastructure, both financial losses and the protection of the organization’s reputation can be avoided.


Tenable technology

Our partner in this area is the manufacturer Tenable. This manufacturer is one of the leaders in Industrial Control Systems (ICS) security solutions.

Key features:

  • Clear unified management over multiple infrastructures within one console
  • Address vulnerabilities that really matter (Priorities are determined based on scoring)
  • Speed up the incident response
  • Get a perfect overview of your infrastructure

Log Management

Today, information is a critical resource for making the right decision at the right time. In contrast, important information is distributed across a variety of devices and applications across the organization, not always in an easy-to-understand format and with different availability.


Why Log Management is so important

Supervision of file servers

  • Take control of who copied or deleted data from file servers.
    After being infected, Ransomware will help you detect which files are encrypted and need to be restored.

Security monitoring

  • You want to have control over security systems and you use multiple platforms from which you would like to unify logs and audits into a single format.


  • Due to your operation, you need a central system for the management and long-term storage of audit and operational data.

Support for quick resolution of a critical IT incident

  • You can better orient yourself in a non-standard and complex situation under the pressure of a cyber attack.

Key features of the system

  • Central overview with graphic presentation
  • Function and easy integration with SIEM
  • A single log store for the entire organization or data center
  • Intuitive and fast search in logs
  • Alerts and basic correlations of events
  • Long-term storage of up to 160TB logs
  • Retention of logs for submission to organizations dealing with security CESNET CERST and CIRST or the Police of the Czech Republic
  • It is not licensed per number of devices or per number of events received per second
  • Monitoring configuration changes
  • Application access monitoring

Next Generation Firewall

Today, no one can afford to run an infrastructure without a quality firewall, and no wonder! Firewall has long been seen as a cornerstone of IT security. In the modern IT world today, we are talking about the fourth generation of so-called Next Generation Firewalls, which provide smart functionality beyond the filtering of previous generations.


What is Next Generation Firewall?

In addition to all the basic functionalities of previous generations, Next Gen Firewalls must include the following functionalities:

  • Deep packet inspection (DPI)
  • IPS / IDS, application control
  • Web content filtering
  • Anti-malware control

We will help you choose the right vendor, implementation and service support for such a solution.

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

Where log management is not enough, SIEM helps. This tool will help you correlate logs into a readable form and thus interpret potential and real security incidents as well as user activity.

Solution description

Advanced logging tools are becoming an indispensable part of IT, especially if you need to guarantee information security. In addition, more and more data, transactions and users mean that IT staff naturally loses track of who is going and where, who has what access, what documents and the level of the company’s organizational structure. The result is security incidents.

We will help you identify the prerequisites for a successful implementation of SIEM solutions. We will design priority use cases, define primary log input sources and implement SIEM solutions according to best practices in order to upgrade log management to a solution for enterprise cyber security.

We work with leading technology partners.

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