Customers prefer mobile apps instead of websites, the reason being better security.

The interest of companies in programming applications for mobile phones and tablets has grown by about a quarter in the last two years. This is due not only to a change in user behaviour, but also to the greater security of mobile devices compared to desktop computers.

“In the last two years, clients have demanded specialists in mobile application programming by more than twenty-four percent on average,” confirms Michal Hodulík, area sales manager at IT company Integra Czech Republic.

The growth in demand is due to the fact that people are using mobile phones more and more. According to data from StatCounter, a portal that analyses web usage, the Czech Republic will soon reverse the ratio between the still prevailing access from desktops and mobile devices.

“Businesses are not only trying to follow the trend of increasing mobile usage, but are also becoming more security conscious,” says Michal Hodulík. Even though hackers’ interest in mobile phones has increased by about a third recently. they are still receiving roughly four times fewer attacks.

Reasons for the increased security include so-called sandboxing, which ensures separation of running processes, the fact that only a vetted developer can install new products in mobile app stores, and the fact that mobile apps use multi-factor authentication.

In part, all of the factors behind the increased interest in mobile apps have been reinforced by the coronavirus pandemic, as people have started to use their mobiles more.


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