Custom development

We can develop individual applications and large-scale corporate solutions. We provide comprehensive services from design through development to subsequent support.

Thanks to our extensive experience in various industries, we are aware of the importance of an individual approach and always use technologies that are relevant to your needs and are compatible with your current systems.

Development process





Maintenance &


Key technologies and platforms
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  • JEE 6, 7 and 8 with WildFly/JBoss, GlassFish
  • Spring FW (+ various project form Spring application platform: boot, cloud etc.)
  • PostgreSQL, Oracle
  • Hibertnate, MyBatis
  • Rabbit MQ, ZeroMQ, ActiveMQ
  • Tibco/Solace
  • Apache Wicket, GWT, Play
  • MongoDB, Lucene/Solr, ElasticSearch, Kabana/Graphana
  • CEP (Apache Camel), Data Integration/ETL (Informatica)
  • OSGI (Apache Felix, Equinox), ESB (Mule), Microservices (Spring)
Other technologies
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  • Frontend development: React, Redux, Angular, Vue.js
  • Mobile development: ReactNative, Android, PhoneGap, Flutter, Ionic
  • Vertical stack optimization for critical business applications
  • OS/JVM/Application profiling and tuning for throughput/latency
  • Database planning and deep performance optimization for PostgreSQL for hosted and AWS
  • Q/KBD+
  • Frontend: Angular (7.0+), React/Redux, TypeScript/ES6, ES7, ES8, API, REST, GraphQL, BOSH, Vue.js
  • Backend: JVM, Node.JS, Python, Storage, PostgreSQL, MongoDB
Edge technologies
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  • Elastic Search, Solr, Redis
  • General purpose cache
  • Operations analytics platform via Kibana/Grafana
  • RabbitMQ, Apache Kafka
  • MoM, RPC
  • Deployment of clustered environment for various purposes
Data driven decision making
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  • Exploratory data analysis
  • R or Python with reproducible models
  • Statistical analysis of selected opportunities
  • Implementation of existing models into product
  • BI integration
  • Maintenance and support
Machine learning and chatbots
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  • Tensorflow
  • Problem modelling, dataset preparation and training
  • Amazon Alexa
  • Microsoft Bot Framework
  • Azure Luis
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The software is delivered in the form of a fixed price project. The development can be divided into several sub-phases. Thanks to this, you can divide the costs over time and at the same time get the maximum overview of the current state of development.

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