Body leasing and permanent placement

Body leasing is an easy and effective way to find specialists from different IT sectors for your projects.

It is a suitable solution for companies that cannot or do not want to hire professionals on a long-term basis. We have many years of experience in the field and we can find the right people for you, or even build a whole team.

Why us

We have been providing IT leasing services since 2012. Since then,
the number of satisfied clients and IT specialists has been continuously increasing. Companies such as Avast, TietoEvry, IBM and others have been cooperating with us for a long time.

Our sales department.

What we do

We will find you smart people from the IT field. We are able to supply you with developers, database specialists, IT analysts, testers, consultants and many more.

Whether you need a project specialist to work
on contract basis or permanent placement, remote or onsite, on junior, medior or senior level, in the Czech Republic or Slovakia, we are the right partner to fill
your empty chairs.

We can also provide the entire team in the form of team leasing. We have experience in building teams for clients of various sizes and industries (banking, telecommunications, energy, logistics …).

How we do it

A huge advantage is that we develop the software ourselves, so we can empathize with the role of the client and deliver the candidate according to their ideas
and advise them about the right person.

For us, the selection of a specialist is not just a matter of comparing CVs based on the given parameters.
After a thorough selection process, a double to triple check of each candidate comes by to make sure we offer you professionals who not only have the required skills, but also fit easily into the existing team and help you achieve your goals.

We always prioritize quality over quantity.

Our services at a glance

What is body leasing

Body leasing is one of the most popular outsourcing methods for companies that work with smaller and larger teams in the software development field. You can temporarily lease individual IT specialists or an entire team. It is an efficient way of ensuring a sufficient number of quality professionals from various IT sectors. It usually operates in Time and Material mode, which means that the client charges per hour / week / month and is responsible for team management and work results.

Who is body leasing for?

Body leasing is a suitable solution for companies that are unable or unwilling to employ professionals on a long-term basis, whether for staffing reasons or the timeliness of the task. Our company has many years of experience with body leasing and can find the right experts for you, or put together a whole team from them.

Advantages of body leasing

  • Minimization of costs of your own IT department
  • Significant reduction of administrative burden
  • Simple contract on a daily rate basis 
  • Wide selection of specialized experts from various IT areas
  • Know-how of the latest technologies
  • Possibility to delegate responsibility to an IT experts


Overall, this is a very flexible solution, because you get a new employee practically immediately.

Due to the fact that we charge for outsourcing in the form of a service, it does not enter into your payroll costs, and thus you are relieved of some of the administrative burden and super gross salary costs. Additionally, if you are a VAT payer, you can also add invoices to your costs.

Agency activity (HPP)

Since 2017, we have had an agency licence and can provide you with the individuals and the entire team you need for your main employment. We have experience building teams for clients of all sizes in a variety of industries, including banking and telecommunications. 

Our recruitment team.

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